7 Shoes Every Girl Should Own For Fall

I thought today with the transitioning season coming, I would talk about shoes! One can never have too many, right ? But we wanted to emphasize on specifically 10 pairs here that could literally be the only ones you'd need. You will definitely see that I love black and not a lot of shoes options I proposed are another colour than black but Hey ! Let's face it this colour will never go out of style and when it doubt you'll always look polished with black. You really can't mess it up with this colour but to start of let's propose something different than black.

1. A fun, pop of color pump, to spice up your outfit. 

I often wear black, and sometimes all black outfits, so when it comes to accessories, it's good to add a touch of color. and I think as opposed to my bag the shoes it's the way to go. I personally like a red / burgundy hue because it never goes out of style. Blue can also be a great addition option too. Here are two models worth mentioning that are currently available.

Zara strappy pumps

These are from Zara they're classic and the price is great

These patent burgundy shoes are perfect, not too high and will dress up nicely an all black outfit. 

2. A classic pair of black pumps 

In case of doubt you know you're always safe with a pair of black heels. You can wear these to go out but also at work as the black will pretty much go with anything if you choose them in a leather material rather than suede or patent which is less classic. 

Another option again from Zara.

3. A pair of white sneakers 

You always need a pair of white sneakers because 1. they're super comfortable and also 2. they are great for breaking an overall too dressy outfit when you want it to be more casual and daily wear. More and more sneakers are becoming acceptable to go to work when paired with something dressy to balance the entire look. This is my favorite way to go a SUPER dressy pair of pants and shirt with a pair of clean sneakers. Unless you work to in a very corporate environment you might want to avoid them. They also doesn't have to be a specific brand if you have a budget to stick to Zara comes with affordable options every once in a while. 

A classic pair of Adidas Originals superstar or Stan Smith will always be great options 

We wanted to show here that even a pair of white laced sneakers can be dressed up and plus it's super comfy to walk in all day. 


4. A pair of nude pumps 

Yes not only you need a pair of black ones but also nude to pair with outfits that 'clash' too much with black colour. Also they make your legs appear A LOT longer! Who doesn't want that right ? They're the most flattering pair of shoes that you could own. Make sure to pick a shade of nude that matches your skin colour and lot of the time they make you appear a little bit more tan if chosen wisely. A pointy toe is more classic but you can also choose the round toe if it's your jam.

Nude pumps

These are from Aldo and they really represent our idea of a necessary nude pump.


5. A pair of black or neutral loafers 

Let's put the heels aside and talk about flats here. Because they are more practical but still look dressy and since you'll be wearing them with tights you might want to choose a patent material one because it's going to add a texture element to the look with a pair of opaque black tights for instance. Unless you are living under a rock you've probably seen this trends everywhere on runways with Gucci really bringing this trend in full speed. Of course not everyone has the budget for Gucci loafers so we're presenting you an affordable option here. 

patent black loafers

I found this style from Franco Sarto on the Bay website and I'm seriously obsessed.


6. A pair of ankle boots

With the fall season you'll love to have a pair of go to ankle boots to pair with your jeans , your skirts and dresses, well pretty much everything! These are a must have if you live in a cold country. Pick them with a neutral hue allowing you to pair them with multiple outfits and colors. I especially like them with a chunky heel but if you want the dressier version go with a slightly pointy toe and stiletto heel. 

I had a major crush on theses suede booties because they're edgy and can spice up your outfit while being super comfortable but below you'll find a more dressier type of boots. 

You can't go wrong with these booties from Steve Madden. They are super classic and will go with pretty much everything. 


7. A pair of knee or over the knee boots

Depending on what you prefer you can choose either one of them and they will be your favorite thing to pair with skirts this season. I always tend to go for black because I live in all black outfits especially during the fall and winter seasons but you could choose a neutral tan colour as well for instance. These boots will protect you from the cold weather worn with thick tights. 

over the knee boots Aldo

This model from Aldo perfectly represent what you want to look for ; neutral, not to high , can be dressed up of down as well at an affordable price point. 


And there you go these were my top picks to choose from when it comes to shoes and you will be able to wear these on rotate with every single outfit that you'll wear this fall season. Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments bellow. I would love to know which are your top picks and if you have any recommendations when it comes to shoes? :) 

- Sarah Eve
BPL Team 


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