5 Classic Wardrobe Pieces For Summer

Although summer is already started, we thought we'd share some tips about our favorite classics since you can now get them pretty much everywhere on sale. Most of the stores are already making room for new Fall collections. These are not in any order, I love them all pretty much equally:) 


1. Denim Skirt

Of course, not only during the summer, but especially during that time of the year, you can NEVER go wrong with denim and it never goes out of style. My personal favorite wash is a vintage general medium wash, very neutral and never too trendy. Here are some great options to choose from. As for the length I would say try to keep it on the short side but you don't want a mini skirt either for practicality,  you want it a little above the knees. 

You can find this one is other color too from H&M at a very affordable price.

This skirt is from Topshop, you can find it at the Bay or on their online website.

2. Linen

This next classic could be in any shape or form. Linen never goes out of style and it just screams summer! You can choose pants, a dress or a top, in any case linen will be your best friend this summer. If you stay within the earthy tones this piece will be a classic in your summer wardrobe every year. Here are  some of the pieces that caught our attention recently. 

You can get this cute linen dress with contrasting buttons (which is a huge trend right now) from Zara.


If you're not too much into dresses like the previous item you will probably like this cute sleeveless top from Zara. Perfect for wearing with denim or a skirt the peplum detail adds a nice feminine touch to it.

This dress from H&M is sure to be extra comfy and cute for any hot summer day. I love the criss cross back as well.


3. Denim jacket

Yes! Another denim piece! I hope you like denim pieces as much as I do. When it comes to denim jackets, I like them a bit oversized or boxy and again with that vintage faded wash. Of course there is always some fun pop of color ones but if you want a more classic timeless piece I recommend sticking within that blue range of medium washes. Here are some of my current favorites. 

Credits: Top shop 

This adorable vintage cropped denim jacket is from our store and we couldn't have been happier when we found it because even 20 years later it it still relevant, showing how timeless a denim jacket is. Click the picture to be redirected. 


4. Gingham print 

When it comes to prints I like to choose a simple and more classic one, like stripes or gingham, that way they will stand the test of time. I chose gingham today for this article because it is especially really IN this summer and you will literally find it everywhere from tops to blazers to bottoms. You can't go wrong with this one. 


These Zara shorts are the cutest with the frill bottom detail and their high waist. 

Forever 21 always makes it right with those trendy items. This cute top if perfect for a hot summer day with high waisted denim shorts. 


 5. Espadrilles 

I love a good espadrille for summer for days and they add a touch of exotism to any outfit. Every year they come back for summer and you can choose to wear flats espadrilles or high platfor ones. 

These shoes from Aldo are currently on sale and they come in a rose color as well! They are perfect for summer with their light color and the sneakers trend is really in these days. 

Again from Aldo these sandals both reflect the espradrille trend and the slide one wich is another big one this summer. 


And there you have it these were our take on the 5 biggest classics to have in your summer wardrobe, that we believe will truly stand the test of time. Feel free to share any comments you may have about our picks and to also share your personal favorites in the comments so everyone can also benefit from the tips.

-Sarah Eve

BPL Team 


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