5 ways to build a more ethical closet for every budget

Nowadays we have to think more GREEN! Yeah that's right,  also when it comes to fashion. The minute you understand that the fashion industry is also damaging to our society you might reconsider certain choices. I strongly suggest you watch the Netflix documentary The True Cost because it's a good eye opener on clothing and it's ethical impacts. 

1. Value and take good take of the clothes you already own

My number tip would be to not put your clothes at any exception in the dryer because that will break the fibres of the materials and that way you won't be able to keep your clothes as long. Plus it's very eco friendly as well and will save you dollars on your electricity bill! To save more energy, wash on low heat or cold water and also buy green laundry detergent it does the same job without the harsh chemicals. 

2. Shop less, Choose better

Without going to a long thought process because hey! it's fashion and fashion should be fun and not too thoughtful but what I mean here is finding pieces that you love at 100% before you buy them. Make sure you can incorporate them in your wardrobe and wear it with other items to create multiple looks. Neutrals colour are usually a safe bet but time to time a good pop of colour can also be a great addition to your neutral items and can spice up your outfit and bring it to another level. And also just because it's on sale and not expensive shouldn't mean you should get it ! I'm sure it's not the first time you ear this but ask yourself every time you want to buy a piece of clothing if you really need it but also '' Do I X$ need this? Maybe it will help you make better choices.

Also if you want to have a more ethical wardrobe you should try to choose based on these criteria

  • Organic fabric
  • Recycled or re-used material 
  • Zero or minimal chemical treatments fabric processing
  • Animal free testing
  • Eco-friendly printing processes and ink
  • Custom made 
  • Locally made
  • Ethical / Fair trade
  • Fabric waste reduction
  • Green marketing and promote material 
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Well crafted timeless slow fashion with durable fabric
  • Crafty / handmade with traditional artisanal skills
  • Resource using reduction
  • Vintage second-hand or up-cycled clothes



3. Go for clothes that are high quality and durable

Less is more sometimes ! Try to invest in good long lasting items such as accessories and good basics such as neutral tees. Jeans and very trendy items of the moment are not worth spending lots of money because you will probably get tired of them the next season. Personally I think that nothing beats a good quality handbag and eyes are automatically drowned to shoes and handbag when we judge an outfit so considerate getting a good quality leather bag that will last you years instead of buying one every single month that is poorly made. Go for materials like Silk, Organic cotton, soy and hemp those are just a few of the natural eco-friendly fabrics on the market and they tend a lot longer if you take care of it. 

4. Buy vintage or second hand 

The main reason we created this website and the platform is because we wanted to make sure that pieces of clothing are well loved and bring you joy when you wear it. If not than it would most probably have more love in another house. Also coming back to the second point when you need something in your wardrobe ask yourself '' Does it need to be new? ''. There is a lot of consignment bags website options for your to choose and we encourage you to come check our website often because we're bringing you new items regularly that are gently-used.

5. Support ethical brands

Last but certainly not the least try to support brands that have an eco-friendly thought and do your researches before you purchase from a brand. We strongly suggest you take a look at the Labour Behind the Label website if you would like to have more information about workers and their conditions in the global garment industry. Patagonia ASOS New Balance Matt & Nat are just a few of the but there is a lot of smaller fashion line that offer ethical fashion. 


Please share your comments with us and tips regarding eco fashion because we would love to hear your thoughts! :) 

- BPL Team 

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