How to dress modern vintage

Vintage is definitely making a come back these days with Hollywood stars embracing it as well. When dressing vintage it's important to give it a modern twist in order to achieve a polish look. We've seen a lot of stars like Sienna Miller or Kate Moss mixing vintage and high street clothing and we're IN LOVE with this new trend. Here's how to achieve the look. 


1. Wear high waisted skirts

High waisted skirts are very flattering & they go with a lot of different styles. You can never go wrong and they are a great wait to integrate the vintage trend to your wardrobe. 

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2. Play with different fabrics 

Velvet, leather, suede & silky-like materials are all great options and we like to play around with them to mix differents type of fabrics to come up with a fun edgy look. In the look bellow we incorporated our beloved denim in this case the timeless Mom jeans with a silky-like material and you can pair this with a basic tee from your wardrobe. This creates a perfect easy casual but yet sophisticated outfit. 

3. Pair with modern piece from your closet 

To avoid the ''costume-looking '' look you want to incorporate key vintage pieces in your wardrobe without necessarily going head to toe. More than 20 years after the release of the iconic movie Clueless we are still inspired by Cher Horowitz signature look. I wanted to recreate this look with a plaid yellow short and you can incorporate a basic white button down which we probably all own in our current wardrobe. Loving the preppy look! 

4. Vintage denim 

I read once an article from Levi's CEO explaining that you should never wash your jeans. That's quite interesting! While this may prompt noises of disgust from those are less-then-enamoured by the idea of walking around in dirty clothes, Mr Bergh explained that he "spot cleans" any stains with a toothbrush. Mr Bergh isn’t the only denim expert to come out with this advice. Hiut Denim’s website says: "Raw denim is best given a good six months before washing. The longer you can leave it, the better your jeans will look.

That being said I actually DO wash my jeans (sorry Levi's) but I  agree with the fact that denim only gets better with age & it will never go out of style. My mom once brought out a denim jacket she use to wear back when we was my age and I fell in love ever since and to this day I am still wearing it. Here is a fun way to integrate in with your current wardrobe. 

5. Play with accessories 

Accessories can totally change the look of an entire outfit and can really elevate a basic outfit to a whole new level. Try to incorporate modern pieces of jewelry and shoes to change the look and break fixed styles up a bit. We recently partnered up with Atelier Le Lucky Cat Montreal to include beautiful items with some items of our store that you can see in the picture bellow.


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- BPL team 


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