How To Incorporate 4 Different Trends Into Your Wardrobe For Spring

In general I like to have TONS of neutral basics in my wardrobe. Neutral colours, neutral styles ; pieces that will stand the test of time and last for a while and I literally could see fashion pieces as investments. That being said, sometimes, like when the spring season is coming, you want to incorporate a few colored items in your wardrobe or try different trends inspired from the runway of your favorite Instagram fashion blogger. I have put together a few tips to incorporate trends in your day to day wardrobe so that you can get inspired to try out different things. 

1. Adding a pop of spring colours 

A great great way to add a pop of colour is to incorporate colourful accessories. That way you can pair it with multiple outfits and it can make for instance, an all black monochromatic outfit really fun. Whether you want it to be a bag or a pair of earrings, the pop of colour will make the whole outfit stand out and be more '' springy''. The IT colors to choose from this Spring-Summer season are bold rich colours such as cherry tomato, ultra violet, lime green but also the classic pastels like lavender & peach. Here are some great items to choose from as well as the Pantone color chart for the ''it'' colours for Spring 2018.

H&M earrings

Credits : H & M 

Credit : Givenchy pandora box ( a girl can dream! ) 

This scarf is available on our site and the best way to jazz up your handbag handle or to use in your hair. 

2. Incorporate clear (PVC) pieces

The clear / pvc trend is HUGE on runways but the question is how would you incorporate it in your day to day life without looking like a plastic robot? We've included below a few items from not too risky to craziest. Whether you just want to dip your toe in the water or go hard on this trend. Of course you can also go all out with a clear raincoat if you feel like it ! 

A phone case is pretty easy to incorporate and this one is SO cute! You don't want to miss out! 

Credits : Signé phone case (Mtl based company) 

Credits : Zara. These shoes are stunning and the cut in the bottom is SO sexy.

Credits : Zara

Credits: Amazon. This Chanel inspired handbag is genius because who wants to spend that kind of money anyway on a clear PLASTIC bag.


3. Incorporate a sport item 

You've probably noticed that the athleisure wear has been a HUGE trend in the past year. The key here is not to go out of the house in your workout clothes but to be more creative and mix and match them with the less sporty items in your closet! You'll see some designers like Puma rocking the tracksuits but let's be realistic we're trying to wear this trend on a day to day normal life. Here is some eye candy inspired by the trend as well as some of the runway looks. 

Credits : Urban Outfitters bring you this very cute ribbed tee from Champion. MUST HAVE! 

This Adidas Track jacket is available on our site click the picture to be redirected :) 


Credits : Zara. These are just the perfect colour for spring and there are TONS of trousers like these in the stores currently to choose from. 

4. Add a fringe detail item

Grab yourself a comb! You don't have to go full out with this trend but you definitely want to pick yourself up a piece of clothing incorporating fringes this spring! I gathered below some of my favorites ways to add this trend in your wardrobe, plus, here are a few shots from the runways during Fashion week from Paris to Milan.

Credits : H&M. This skirt also comes with its matching top if you dare to wear the head to toe look! 

Credits : Zara. Perfect flowy dress for the warmer days.

Credits : Zara. Ok this is not technically fringes but I couldn't not mention it. This tweed skirt is EVERYTHING

Credits : Topshop. If you prefer you can wear this trend on your feet. I like these ones and slides are SUPER in too these days. 


So there you have it. That was our tips & inspiration for wearing some of the trends for the upcoming spring season and when transitioning in the summer months as well. Please share your comments below and let us know what you thought or if you have any other fashion trends you are following. 

- Sarah Eve 

BPL Team 


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