How to wear vintage clothing

We love mixing different styles for that extra edge. While going head-to-toe vintage may not feel appropriate pairing a standing piece like a knockout bag with a newer outfit can easily step up your fashion game. Here are a few tips to incorporate vintage clothing in your current wardrobe.

1. Hair & Makeup

Simplicity is key. Unless you want to spend time and effort at recreating vintage and retro hairstyles and makeup. A modern and effortless makeup look will give your overall look a really modern twist. A subtle smoky eye is a tried and true way of grounding a vintage look you can pair a laced 1950's blouse with a slicked back bun to complete the ensemble.

2. Modern Accessories

Pairing your favourite pair of shoes bag or sunglasses can easily complete your outfit. A neutral on neutral is always a sure bet but a great pop of colour with an all neutral outfit can also be a really fun alternative.

how to year vintage _ ballerina Dress

Kim is wearing this cute pleated dress with a modern choker necklace and a black hat for a modern twist


3. Mixing different eras

Why restrain yourself to one vintage piece when you can mix in different pieces for an eclectic look. In this look our model is rocking two carefully selected vintage items from our online store.

Let us know how you slay vintage clothing in your wardrobe


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