Investment bag?

When it comes to handbags there is so many options to choose from. Personally I like quality over quantity as opposed to shoes. For obvious reasons shoes have a lesser resale value because they're worn on your feet and the nature of the wear and tear.
I personally prefer to invest in a great designer handbag or a unique vintage piece. But if the price of the bag is more than a rent's month it's only normal to justify the possible resale value to justify the purchase. When we say investment bag we mean that you can actually recoup the majority of money of what you originally paid. No matter if you're planning on keeping the bag forever or reselling it it's important to keep some points in consideration because it's definitely and important amount of money that you are putting toward a bag. Well established high end brands like Chanel Louis Vuitton and Hermès are always a home run. Not only because there are great quality and very durable but also because they tend to old their value through the years. Brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton also increase their prices for the same specific item. Also due to high demand for bags for new, classic, limited edition and even vintage styles Chanel and Hermès tend to hold their value the best and sellers can actually earn more than the retail price they paid for theses brands depending on size material and the condition. Bellow you will find our selection of 5 classic handbags worth the investment.
1. Chanel Classic Flap Bag
Definitely one of Chanel most iconic bag. No matter if you pick the lambskin or caviar leather or the gold or silver hardware this is a sure bet and the quality of the leather is just incredible.
2. Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag
This was one of the first designer bag I purchase because of it's practical usage. I've used it for school, traveling, as a gym bag and more. This bag has survived every time and is still in perfect condition. It comes in a vast array of patterns colors and sizes from the tried-and-true Monogram and Damier Canvas to the durable Epi Leather. No matter which one you choose it is a sure bet.
3. Chanel Boy Bag
Chanel Boy Bag Small
I love how casual and edgy this bag looks. This style has quickly become one of Chanel's most iconic bag. The wider strap also makes it super comfortable and it's easy to swap from single strap, to doubled, to cross body. Again this bags comes in a variety of colors materials and shapes.
4. Balenciaga City Bag
Balenziaga city Bag Black
This bag has been around for 13 years and it's still covered by many. First and foremost I like the edginess of this bag. I usually prefer structured bags but the distressed leather and slouchiness of this particular one gives it a biker chic vibe. The come in a variety of colours so you're sure to find one that you like. The shoulder strap and zipper closure also makes it practical to carry on a day to day basis.
5. Hermès Birkin bag
This bag needs no introduction. Either you love the aesthetic of the Birkin or you don't. The design of this bag is timeless and extremely iconic. Any fashionista can spot a Birkin from a mile away. The boxy shape and leather pull closures are some of it's unique characteristics. Either you like this style or not the fact is the Birkin is simply timeless and is definitely an 'Holy Grail'.
We strongly believe those are the TOP 5 bags that are worth the investment but here are some other iconic classics that also deserve a mention
  • Lady Dior
  • Fendi Peekaboo
  • Hermès Kelly
  • Louis Vuitton Speedy
  • Chloe Drew 

If you splurge and decide to buy a designer bag we definitely think that a classic yet fashionable piece is a far better option than a IT bag of the moment but again at the end of the day. What are some of you favorite timeless bags? Comment down bellow and let us know your top picks too. :)

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