Most Recent Fashion Trends You Need To Know About!

Hey ladies! Hope wherever you are you are surviving winter and keep up we only have 1 months and a couple of weeks to do before warmer days. Today we decided to share our version of the most recent fashion trends to adopt right now in preparation for spring. 


1. Corduroy fabric

You might think about this and say it's so 90's but that the whole point! Corduroy fell out of fashion for a while but is making a come back. It totally has a history of being one of the fashion world's most aesthetically divisive fabrics. Besides that before you judge it too fast at least try it and who knows you might fall in love with it. One thing is for sure you'll spot corduroy fabric item ; skirts, jackets, suits, pants etc everywhere this spring. I'm personally a huuuuge fan. Here are some eye candy to get you inspired. 

Corduroy vintage shirt

This shirt is from our site click the image to be redirected ! :) 

If you want to jump on the bandwagon without the huge price tag, this jacket is on sale for 20$ at Zara! 

2. Cow print

You've exhausted your snake midi skirt or lost your leopard print top ... but just when you thought animal prints are over. Wait! Along came the newest animal print that is going to be everywhere this spring ; Cow print! After a few years of disappearing cow print if now back and not just for as a carpet for your living room! Here are a few inspiration pictures. 


Cow print fashion trend

This jacket is from Topshop and is also on sale! ;) 

Credits  : Always ahead of the trends the Hadid sisters knew about the fashion trends coming back a while ago.


3. Square neckline

Goodbye bardot and off shoulders tops! While this while all the hype last year bardot tops are making some place for the square neckline this spring. With a new year comes new possibilities! Although I was a fan of this trend I think I'll get used to the square neckline as well. I shared below my top inspirations looks from Instagram that also are incorporating other fashion trends as well. 

Credits : Instagram @songofstyle. I've always been a huge fan of Aimee Song for all her polished and flawless looks from streetstyle to front row fashion runway shows.


Credits: Instagram @kendalljenner . Here you can see the Jenner sister rocking multiple trends like fluo and the square neckline of course. 


4. Tie-Dye

This is most probably the trends I less identify with as I personally think it's a bit 'tacky'. Also since I don't particularly enjoy prints on materials. Maybe the trend is going to grow on me after seeing multiple looks on instagram but nonetheless this 60s print will be back this spring. If you're anything like me - you'll likely favour a more subtle beach max.

tie dye dress

Credits: Zara 

Tie Dye stella mccartney

Credits : Fashion show Stella McCartney 


5. Puffed shoulders 

Ohhh how I love this trend! Bold shoulders are not new but these coming months they are coming with a different twist. Definitely inspired by the 80's, the puffed shoulders work particularly well with square necklines on feminine dresses and they are often gathered at the shoulder with pleats of elastic. While they can look amazing on runways they might be more tricky to wear on a day to day basis so that's why we recommend styling a puffed shoulder top with a more simple denim  

puffed sleeves fashion runway

Credits: Ulla Johnson & Halpern 

DKNY shirt with puff sleeves

Credit: this shirt if from our site click the image to be redirected. Bonus points for the silk material ! 

Well that is it for today! We'll be back really soon for more trendy fashion to look out for and more arrivals coming to the website. Please share your thoughts on theses trends as well, if it a give it a try or a pass for you? 


Sarah Eve
BPL team 


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