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Most Recent Fashion Trends You Need To Know About!

Hey ladies! Hope wherever you are you are surviving winter and keep up we only have 1 months and a couple of weeks to do before warmer days. Today we decided to share our version of the most recent fashion trends to adopt right now in preparation for spring.    1. Corduroy fabric You might think about this and say it's so 90's but that the whole point! Corduroy fell out of fashion for a while but is making a come back. It totally has a history of being one of the fashion world's most aesthetically divisive fabrics. Besides that before you judge it too fast at least try it and who knows you might fall in love with it....

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7 Shoes Every Girl Should Own For Fall

I thought today with the transitioning season coming, I would talk about shoes! One can never have too many, right ? But we wanted to emphasize on specifically 10 pairs here that could literally be the only ones you'd need. You will definitely see that I love black and not a lot of shoes options I proposed are another colour than black but Hey ! Let's face it this colour will never go out of style and when it doubt you'll always look polished with black. You really can't mess it up with this colour but to start of let's propose something different than black. 1. A fun, pop of color pump, to spice up your outfit.  I often wear...

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