About Boutique Preloved

Founded by Montrealers Justine and Sarah-Eve, Boutique Preloved is the end result of a life-long love story with clothing. We are among those people who believe that each garment has a soul, and that's why we have committed ourselves to find some amazing pieces and give them a second life. 

Each garment is carefully chosen, we love each and every one of them and hope that you will love them too!

We also want to offer a community to our customers, integrated into our site and social media platforms. We wish to make fashion more accessible & our blog will touch several subjects in relation to the trends and life cycle of clothing but also the new trends. 

Why Buy Vintage ? 

We want to offer a sustainable alternative to fast fashion brands, and a curated selection of good quality pieces for the woman who is looking for a unique product with a an environmental awareness. 

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